How we Support You

Heroes Aid was set up by frontline healthcare workers to support frontline healthcare workers after a decade of well documented difficulties in our sector.

Our mission is to elevate the VALUE of frontline healthcare workers, APPRECIATE your worth and SUPPORT your wellbeing.

In the early days of the pandemic Heroes Aid protected our colleagues by sourcing and distributing PPE to over 1,500 locations nationwide. This stop-gap intervention enabled frontline healthcare workers to continue providing a caring service as health service providers mobilised.

We all know that the challenges facing frontline healthcare workers will not end when the pandemic is under control and many of you have been telling us that you need separate, independent support to help you get through the stresses of the Pandemic and beyond.

Heroes Aid is there for you and we are planning a number of activities and wellbeing initiatives during 2022, the first of which is this App, and we are encouraging all frontline healthcare workers to download it to their phones and tablets so that we can communicate directly with you.

In addition to offering wellbeing support and self-help advice on the App we will also have free offers and benefits that are exclusive to frontline healthcare workers.

Please tell your colleagues about the Heroes Aid App as the more people download it and register then the better we will be able to serve you!