Heroes Aid is here to stay!  We are a viable, sustainable organisation dedicated to supporting our frontline healthcare workers who’s needs are significant and constant. The professional and personal impact of providing acute care in the most challenging environment, in addition to being mindful to not spread the virus in their families and communities is daunting.

The surge of admiration and appreciation for this outstanding commitment in a time of absolute crisis, increases with each new wave of Covid-19.  Heroes Aid intends to show the healthcare workers how much they are valued in practical ways and we need your support to achieve this.

Each of us has been affected by Covid-19 either directly or indirectly, and we know the toll it is taking.

Dig deep to support our frontline healthcare workers now and into the future, when the real impact may well be felt by them.

All monies received by donation and through the sale of our products is solely for the provision of our support services.  

We depend hugely on our frontline healthcare workers now and into the future.

You can also donate via SMS 

Please Help – every cent counts!