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Story from the Front Line

The fear of the unknown, the constant sleepless nights about how we would cope.

Watching the scenes from ICU’s in Italy with much greater than our ICU capacity brought to their knees was a constant threat.

Since March 2020, I have carried around a knot in my stomach, feeling sick, dreading work some days,  but equally dreading leaving work.

Fear of passing covid to my elderly parents. I contracted Covid myself and had to quarantine myself in Citywest.

It was a worrying, lonely and stressful time. I was worried about my work colleagues, I felt guilty for being out sick. 

As a manager and an educator, the pressure I felt to put a brave face on everything, plan, prepare and mitigate but inside most days I felt worried and stressed.

Did we train enough staff,were there enough resources available for them? Did we order enough equipment? Are we supporting them enough? I was in the middle of a postgraduate programme in a  CF role and I felt I abandoned my students. 

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