Our Story

Heroes Aid was established by small number of people with various professionals backgrounds, including healthcare, at the end of March 2020 in response to the global pandemic, Covid-19.

The initial focus of Heroes Aid was to provide critical stop-gap resources to front-line healthcare workers who are working to combat the spread of the pandemic in the Republic of Ireland.

Heroes Aid provides critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed by front-line healthcare workers in order to maintain continuity of hospital and community healthcare services established to provide relief of sickness, disease or human suffering in the community such an exceptional environment.

PPE acts as a key protective barrier between the healthcare worker and Covid19, which remained in very short supply, but particularly in the earlier months of the pandemic. A shortage or deficit of PPE exposes front-line healthcare workers to serious risk of acquiring Covid-19 infection which in turn also places service users, the public at increased risk. 

It also compromises the degree to which health care services can continue to operate. 

Ireland was reported to have the highest Covid-19 infection rates for healthcare workers in the world. Statistics up to the end of 8th May 2020, reported 8018 cases of infection of healthcare workers, making up a third of all positive Covid-19 positive cases in Ireland at that time. 88% of healthcare workers acquired the infection in the workplace and seven healthcare workers died from the virus (May 2020 Oireachtas Health Committee Report – INMO).

In addition, Heroes Aid aims to advance the community welfare by providing psychological support,  financial and/or educational support to front-line healthcare workers and/or their immediate family members who have been adversely impacted by  Covid-19.

The psychological toll that the provision of healthcare services in a global pandemic,  has on front-line healthcare workers is immense. In addition, healthcare workers responded to Covid-19 following a very challenging decade of fiscal contraction within the Irish health service in response to the economic challenges at that time. The health service capacity, including human and other resources,  was severely contracted as demands rose, through a dramatically increasing demographic older persons profile together with the challenges of responding to associated co morbidities associated with increasing age.  

Heroes Aid, in acknowledging the extensive evidence and research prior to Covid-19,  linking healthcare worker stress, short staffing, and burnout to patient safety and outcomes, established to provide support and practical assistance to healthcare workers now and long after the end of this pandemic. Heroes Aid is proud to have already made a significant contribution to the welfare of healthcare staff in Ireland and in going forward, aims to provide additional support to and elevate the value of our healthcare staff , which in turn will assist in recruitment and retention, directly benefiting the health outcomes of all service users.

Heroes Aid in a Charitable Company (CRO 676051) and was registered as a charity in 2020 with CRA reg 20206004, CHY number CHY22674.

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