Psychological Supports

At Heroes Aid, we are developing meaningful and practical support for all Frontline Healthcare Personnel: 

It was also our aim to make available, to all front-line healthcare staff, an appropriate psychological supportive tool or facility, that could be accessed at a time of their choosing, over a 24 hour period, to assist staff in processing their physical, emotional and psychological responses to the high healthcare demands associated with a pandemic. Psychological supports will be made available both virtually and in-person.

The pandemic has demanded extraordinary physical and mental effort from our frontline healthcare workers and Heroes Aid is developing a suite of psychological supports which are confidential and non-judgemental, to support them.

Numerous studies concur that the critical support required by frontline healthcare workers is for them to be:

Heroes Aid is currently developing customised psychological support initiatives, some of which are:

We will provide resources for our Service Users to invest in their own wellbeing, some of the topics to include:

      • Self-care
      • Mindfulness
      • Resilience building
      • Managing your energy
      • Self-motivation
      • Stress management