Help us help our Healthcare Heroes.

In March 2020, when the Taoiseach advised that there could be thousands of deaths from covid-19, our frontline healthcare workers were placed in the eye of this hurricane and witnessed things that none of us will ever have to witness first hand. Imagine the fear and trauma they must have felt?

While we could practice social distancing, stay behind perspex screens and have take-out food delivered to our homes, they held the hands of our loved ones as they died. They held mobile phones while we said goodbye. They were the last faces so many people saw before they succumbed to the virus. They helped those left behind come to terms with their grief by telling them about the last minutes of their loved ones. 

Many frontline healthcare workers have not been able to hug their loved ones because they don’t want to risk passing on the virus to them. 

Yet they continue to work in this uncertain environment.

A lot of frontline healthcare workers themselves contacted the virus. 

Some died. 

Others contracted long covid.

While the pandemic is showing signs of being under control we must not forget the pressure on our frontline healthcare workers were under pre-covid and this is likely to continue into the future.   

HEROES AID wants to support our frontline healthcare heroes.
And we need your help.

The Blizzards have teamed up with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra for a brand-new recording of their biggest hit ‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor’.  This new orchestral recording was launched simultaneously on most Irish radio stations on Monday morning 11th October with the support and collaboration of our fantastic partners in the broadcasting sector.  We are hoping to build awareness for HEROES AID supporting our frontline healthcare heroes and we are encouraging you to donate what you can to this unique appeal.

Why we want your help …

The funds raised from this appeal will be used by HEROES AID to provide practical support for healthcare workers 24/7.  

This includes access to self-help and advice, ranging from personal finance to family education; from psychological support to confidential counselling; and from stress management to wellbeing intervention. 

With the expansion of services we recently relaunched our website to include exclusive offers for healthcare workers and their families.  

In the coming weeks HEROES AID will be carrying out research among frontline healthcare workers.  This will build on what we already know and determine what further support HEROES AID can provide for these dedicated and exceptional people who constantly put themselves on the line for all of us.